Canalytix is bringing a science-based approached to the cannabis industry.

Implementation of advanced instrumentation is a major key to efficient operations where plant yields are maximized, costs are reduced, and impacts on the environment are minimized.  We have identified several areas where tremendous opportunity exists for portable chemical sensing instrumentation.

Plant chemical signals (released to the atmosphere) are important in understanding plant stage of lifecycle, production of valuable plant components including cannabinoids, and terpenes, and indicating when pests are present.  We believe we can both “tune” and organize a chemical sensing system to detect and monitor these chemicals to provide guidance on when to harvest plants, and when to provide nutrient and pesticide treatment.  Currently, plant harvesting is determined by visual information and destructive analysis. The use of non-destructive high sensitivity instrumentation could generate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom-line of large growing operations.

Greenhouse and warehouse optimization reduces costs and increases product yields.  Precise and accurate control of environmental conditions allows for greater optimization.  We have the ability to perform advanced environmental monitoring through a range of third-party licensed advanced technology sensing instrumentation and software monitoring tools.  The combination of this technology and in-house technical expertise will allow grow facility managers as well as our personnel to monitor growing operations remotely, identify problems immediately, minimize energy use, and reduce environmental impacts.

Marijuana and related hemp plant species have not received intense scientific scrutiny using standard laboratory instrumentation due to Federal regulations.  Much of the development work completed by expert growers including plant cloning and hybridization has yielded interesting plant species with new chemical compounds and opportunities for new drugs, and commercially useful products.  There is tremendous opportunity to find, and develop new businesses based on the scientific investigation of these plants and new ones now being developed.

We plan to launch on-line consultation service in the coming months. Through our web-based portal we will provide access to our team of grow experts, business and regulatory experts, as well as a former university chemistry professor. By becoming a trusted education resource, we view this activity as a way to build loyal product and laboratory customers for now and into the future.

Canalytix's network of experts have historically owned and managed commercial grow operations. This knowledge, combined with detailed knowledge of the products/supplies in the industry provides a rich base of know-how on commercial-scale growing including lighting design, greenhouse or warehouse layout, advanced materials, HVAC systems and environmental controls, and grow operations/management.

To increase our margins and product offering, we have begun to create our own higher margin products, which will sell alongside nationally distributed products. We’ve targeted the area of grow mediums and custom soil blends as well as select nutrients. We are currently in formulation of root stimulators and flower boosting nutrient additives. Our custom soil blends are initially targeting the newbie hobbyist through a pre-filled pot which includes nutrient additives.

We have several provisional patents underway. As stated earlier, we will utilize our internal scientific instrumentation, market/industry knowledge and scientific creativity to build a robust pipeline of IP as a core area of focus moving forward.