The Canalytix Difference

New Services, Technologies, and Analytics by Canalytixs are improving the quality, yield, and economics of Indoor Agriculture and medicinal plant product production. Staffed with an ensemble of experienced agriculturists, PhD scientists, IT professionals, and seasoned business leaders, Canalytix is addressing the needs of a variety of critical businesses in this rapidly expanding Industry.

From the growth of medicinal plants including cannabis and hemp to the production of final products including edibles and vapor generators, Canalytics is playing a crucial role in providing real time chemical, physical, and economic data to make these businesses profitable.

As the Industry matures Canalytix will play a pivotal role in helping the Industry grow medicinal plants, process plant materials, and produce high quality end-products that meet the health and safety requirements of a continually evolving regulatory environment. Just as important, Canalytix will provide the technologies, analytics, and services required to address the process improvements required to meet energy and environmental demands of the communities that are home to this Industry.